Belka and Strelka were the cutest. Little doogs went to space.


This is my gender identity

recently a bunch of people reblogged this image i posted 8 million years ago and it want to make something clear; identity is a fucking trap and gender must be destroyed.

Magic will not free itself from occultism until we have strangled the last astrologer with the guts of the last spiritual master.

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Why am i on here?



enya- orinoco flow gifs 4 whitetrashwitch

the greatest gif set on tumblr. my phone tried to autocorrect “gif” to “god” and i don’t disagree.

Every time i come back onto tumblr the last few months i feel like a failure until i see “One Good Post” and reblog it. This is the best one. Eternal love for Enya, and her male clone “Menya”

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Inverse identifications with symbolic figures (like witches & nihilists) that lead to reclaimed subjectivities (like anarchist, hacker, hipster, queer, etc.) end up playing the State’s game, recomposing yet another structure of capture and constraint.

Detached identitarianism (such as that of publications like Mask Magazine) is seductive and easy to to follow, but we would insist on an ecstatic mode instead…Rather than aspiring to these identities, we might try to discover the gestures, orientations, and ways of life these identities were constructed to obscure. Such an ethics would strive to push us outside of our selves, but without locating us in new ones.

Bædan 2 (partially paraphrased to bridge between footnotes and body text), Correspondence (via negatecity)

"Susie, do you know anything about… witches?"

Suspiria (1977)

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~Jimena Ortuzar


Homosexuality is first of all, and will perhaps for a short while continue to be, a category of criminality. Personally, I prefer this state of affairs to its probable transformation into a psychiatric category of deviance. The libidinal link between the criminal and the homosexual figures ignores the rational concepts of the law, the division of individual responsibilities and the distribution of roles between victims and murderers. A homosexual murderer is a whole, complete unto itself. A captain of the Belgian gendarmerie writes in an article devoted to the situation of homosexuals: “An attentive surveillance of this particular milieu makes it possible to compile a very useful documentation for the discovery of future swindlers, murderers, and possibly spies.”

Guy Hocquenghem, “We All Can’t Die in Bed” (via whitetrashwitch)

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If a tree fell in a forest, and there was no one around to hear it, would it still take a selfie?